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Disclaimer: Have no idea how much truth is in this mail,but as i always say,better be cautious than sorry.....
To all the peripetatic travellers, please be warned.


Unbelievable but apply caution..... ......... ....
All those who travel a lot, please be very very careful. Read ahead....

An Indian was detained in Bangkok for stealing a box of cigarettes in a duty-free shop in Bangkok International Airport.
He had paid for chocolates and a carton of cigarettes. The cashier put a packet of cigarettes extra into his bag and he thought it was a free pack. He was arrested for shop-lifting and the Thai Police extortion price was 30,000 Baht for his release. He spent two nights in jail and paid 500 Baht for an air-cond cell, 200-300 baht for each visitor, and 11,000 baht for his final release. The Police shared the money in front of his eyes. On top of that, he was charged in court and fined 2,000 baht by the magistrate and handcuffed and escorted to his plane. His passport was stamped "Thief". While there, his relatives requested help from the Indian Embassy and was told that they are helpless, many Asians are victimised similarly daily and letters and phone-calls to the Thai Authorities are ignored. He shared a cell with a Singaporean the 1st night who paid 60,000 baht for his release. The 2nd night was an Malaysian national who paid 70,000 baht
Mind you this was not in a shanty shop in downtown Bangkok but in a duty free shop in Bangkok Int'l Airport. BE WARNED. I.A.T. PS: Above is 100% correct information- because Mr.Rajan Khera's customer from India faced exactly the same scenario mentioned above when he was in transit at Bangkok Int'l Airport coming to Taipei.
Someone who went thru the same ordeal in Dubai,,,,He bought stuff t Duty Free upon entering,,, the girl at Duty Free,,put a Bottle of Cologne in his shopping bag,,,,,( he did not even see it happen_) He was arrested for stealing,,( this is before he even picked up his luggage ) ,,,,he sat at the airport Jail,,( where he was harrassed for the whole day,,,,NO FOOD , NO WATER),for 1day & only after he paid a fine ( bribe of US 500..)that is all the cash he had in his pocket at the time,, They let him go ,,,,,These are scams that are happening all over the Place,,,, please Please BE CAREFUL !!! All of this is Pre-Planned, ,,,& the people who work at the airport know who to target,,,,,

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Sharad Yadav seeks to wriggle out of poison statement

Asked whether he sticks to his statement of consuming poison if the Bill was passed, Mr. Yadav said, "It is wrong. I did not say I will consume poison. I am a man who had been fighting all along and believe in dying fighting. I am against even hunger strikes. How can I talk of committing suicide."

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