Friday, October 26, 2007

Facts Statistics And Stuning Facts

1. Just in the U.S.A. alone there are currently 37 MILLION people living below the poverty line and there are BILLIONS more around the world who are also living below the poverty line!!!
2. Elvis Presley never learned to read music, never wrote any lyrics or even composed a single tune!
3. Under trial freed after 37 years!
Baka Thakur, an under trial prisoner since the days of the British regime was freed recently (1983) from the Mdhubani distict jail in Patna (Bihar), India, after 37 years. All these years he was either in prison or the mental hospital in Ranchi. He was released following the order of the Patna High Court.
4. British Rock group "Def Leppord" once played concerts on 3 different continents on the same day!